A psychological thriller to keep you glued to your seat.


One stupid decision leaves Lila facing the horrifying reality of life trapped in a basement prison.

It was just a tube of lipstick. Lila didn’t think too much about it when she slipped it into her pocket at the mall. When a man grabbed her arm and accused her of shoplifting, her only thought was for the trouble she was going to be in with her parents over one stupid impulse.

But then she woke up chained to the wall in a dank, dark cellar.

In growing panic, she begins to understand the hell her world has just become. By the looks of things, others have tried to escape…but failed. And even if Lila can survive, some parts of her may be lost forever…


I’ve been locked in this basement for almost a year.
I have counted the days since I woke up that very first day here and have made a scratch right next to where the cuffs were bolted to the old stone wall.
Those first days, I just used the metal from the cuffs to make a mark in the old, crumbling paint. Later, I found a small nail, which was easier to handle. Every day since then, I’ve made a scratch on the wall.
I have had so many long hours, with nothing to do except think, that I’ve counted day in and day out. It’s almost a relief, in some ways, because counting and arranging 365 days is far more interesting than counting five days or even fifty. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Hell, maybe I lost it a long time ago. Living locked in a cellar might do that to even the sanest of people.
Today is day 364, and I am ready for anything. Anything at all. If the plan fails and I die, then at least I died trying.
Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will make one last mark on the wall. Then I’ll let the chips fall where they may. I don’t even know if I can hope for the best. I can only hope for change. Anything has to be better than the life I’ve led this past year.
If I die, then I hope beyond anything else that someone will discover this place and know that I died. That they will find the words I’ve written for my family so that they know I went down fighting. That I am gone, but they don’t have to worry about me anymore.
If I succeed… No, if we succeed, then I hope to tell them myself. There is nothing I want more than to see my mom and feel her arms around me again. To let her know that she is the other reason I survived.
It’s time.