Meet Tempest, our boat cat. We lived on a sailboat and traveled down the Florida coast and then over to the Bahamas. We then sailed down the Bahama Island chain, to Turks & Caicos and to the Dominican Republic before returning to Florida once again. The humans on board varied over those two years, but Tempest was there for the entire journey. These are her often salty letters to her humans back on land.

Letter One: Stupid Human Tricks

Letter Two: Humans are Dumb

Letter Three: Teaching Humans to Sleep

Letter Four: Catching a Monster

Letter Five: The B*tch, Cinnamon

Letter Six: I’m a Contortionist!

Letter Seven: The Cat Father: Kicking A$$ & Taking Names

Letter Eight: Throwback Thursday, Learning to Swim for My Life

Letter Nine: That #$%& Dog Wants to be my BFF

Letter Ten: I Wish Your Mom was as Dumb as the Dog

Letter Eleven: Throwback Post, How Tempest Came to be a Part of the Family

Letter Twelve: Guess Who?

Letter Thirteen: I Think I Might Miss You

Letter 14: Tempest Doesn’t Cuddle!

More Letters from Tempest Coming Soon!