About Me

As I get them published, you can find my “Real Life” posts HERE

Here is where you’ll find my blogging type posts. Articles and things I write about my parenting journey, marriage, life thoughts, struggles as well as wins.

My Name is Byn. I turned 48 this year. I’m a bit of a mess, a bit of a talented work of art, a bit of who knows what? and… well, a surprise at every turn. Enjoy the ride.

Oh, and I tend to have a potty mouth. Run away fast if that offends you.

I am married to a supportive, awesome man (25 years now ~holy shit!~) an actual awesome man that is human with faults of his own. A man who doesn’t seem to know quite how awesome he is, but I suppose that’s fodder for a post of its own. We have five kids that are mostly grown and I am floundering around a little bit as I get used to this nearly empty nest thing after homeschooling and being a stay at home mom for the last couple of decades or so. It’s a bit of a change.

My Other Loves

I love to create. I love to write and make new worlds come to life with just the words I use. I enjoy graphic design and making book covers and things like that. I enjoy lots of color and painting big cartoon murals on my walls. I love making kombucha almost as much as I enjoy drinking it. I enjoy baking far too much for someone who is nearly 50 and needs to stop eating so much!

I love spending time with my husband, my kids, my grand kids and occasionally my friends. I’m such a hermit that I really don’t get out much (just ask my friends who rarely see me out of the house.) I think it says a lot about me that the one friend who generally gets to see me in person is a librarian… so she gets to see me when I pick up a new supply of escapism, er, I mean reading material!