Book Review: Three Truths & Other Unsettling Tales

I have decided to start taking regular breaks from the computer and writing/watching. I love to read and I want to support other self-published authors as well… so I’m going to write reviews for the books that I enjoy. Here is my first review!

Three Truths and Other Unsettling Tales by Thomas O.

Three Truths and Other Unsettling Tales by [O., Thomas]
Short stories can be difficult to get right. It can be really hard to capture the depth of characters or setting that I generally need to really dig into a story.
I also have to admit that I’m in a somewhat stressed out, scattered state lately and although I really needed the escape of a good book, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep my attention on the stories.
Long story short, I went into this book with a little trepidation that I wouldn’t even be able to focus because of my own shortcomings.However, even just the first story had me hooked!
The twists and turns, the variety of stories, I really found myself devouring the stories on after another. As each story ended, I found myself thinking, “Well surely THAT was the best story in the book!” only to find that the next was great as well. It is hard for me to write reviews on short stories without giving anything away, but trust me, these are wonderful.
I think my top favorite stories of the set are probably “Magda” and Three Truths.
Three Truths has the classic feel of drama, fate, magic and not just a little inner turmoil as the character has to make the hardest decision of his life. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of this story, it is so thought-provoking… and I’ll stop there so I don’t give anything away.
‘Magda’ was another favorite. An amazing story that pulled at the heartstrings, sent shivers down my spine and left me feeling a little haunted at the end.
I especially love that the stories are just long enough to be full of life and depth, but short enough to read in one sitting, even for someone as scattered and distracted as I am! Thomas does an incredible job of drawing you in and completely immersing you in each and every story.
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