Uncle Frank, the Boxer

My uncle Frank was quite the character. He wasn’t too nice to look at, but boy, did he have stories galore. Us kids loved to sit at his feet whenever we all gathered at Grandma’s house to listen to him talk. It was probably the only time you’d see a group of a dozen kids of various ages sitting still and getting along for hours at a time.

In hindsight, I kind of wish someone had been writing those stories down. They were fantastic. Frank told us about his days as a boxer. We couldn’t get enough. He regaled us with tales from his boxing days. How he was a boxer for all of his adult life until he had to retire from one too many injuries, but that he’d be a boxer in his heart ‘til the day he died.

I’m smiling just thinking about it. The crazy old man was hilarious when he told us stories about anything, but those boxing day stories, those were the best! He was the best in his division for his entire career, or at least that’s what he always told us. He never lost a fight, not even one! We’d sit wide eyed, looking at our Uncle Frank’s skinny arms and wonder what kind of magic he had that he could never lose a fight.

One time my cousin Beth asked why his nose was so crooked, if he’d never lost a fight. Uncle Frank said that wasn’t from a fight at all, but rather a car accident on the way home from work. As with all of his stories, it was bigger than life. He’d stopped to help a poor old woman stranded on the side of the road from an accident. He’d scared her so bad, that she’d thumped him one with her purse. He swore she must have been carrying bricks in that purse, because it broke his nose clean in two! We’d laugh at the way he told the story and just for the fact that in all of those boxing days, he’d never lost, but a little old woman with a purse had broken his nose.

It wasn’t until we were grown that we found out the real story. Uncle Frank had been a boxer, all right. He’d worked in the packing division at a local factory, packing boxes for shipping. He never lied to us, though. Uncle Frank never lost one fight in his days as a boxer. Not even one.

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