Painting Grandpa

Sally knew that red and blue were primary colors. Her teacher thought she didn’t, but she absolutely did. Sally started to get frustrated with how many times her teacher repeated the same things over and over. Did she think they were idiots, just because they were little?

Well, Sally wasn’t an idiot and she didn’t need to hear the teacher go on about primary colors or how not to eat the paints. Her eyes rolled, just like her mother’s always did when she was frustrated with someone.

Sally continued painting the picture of her Grandpa. She hadn’t really liked her Grandpa at all, but it was supposed to be sad that he was gone now. Nobody seemed to talk about how he’d died, but Sally knew what was up. She might be a little kid, but that just meant that no one paid attention when she was quiet.

That’s how she’d seen what happened to grandpa. Sally would keep it quiet, though. She’d never tell. After all, it was all her fault. She’d told mommy what grandpa was doing to her at night in the dark. The next thing she knew, she saw her mom putting special powder in Grandpa’s tea.

He complained a lot about the taste, but he drank it anyway.

Sally added the final touches of the surprisingly accurate painting of her Grandpa. The teacher was delighted, “Sally, you did such a great job! I’m sure your mother will love this portrait! It looks so much like your grandpa that even I recognized it! Is that your mommy putting sugar in his tea? It looks like such a sweet memory.” Her teacher squeezed her shoulder and Sally smiled.

It wasn’t a pretty smile, not really. It wasn’t meant to be. Sally planned to hang this painting in a good spot at her house. Her mother would know exactly what it meant and Sally? Well, she was going to get away with anything she wanted for the rest of time.

This 5 Minute Freewrite wrapped up perfectly! I literally had two words left to type when the timer went off! You can find the daily writing prompts on steemit thanks to @mariannewest

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