NaNoGoals Accomplished! 80k Words!

I hit 71,000 Words on Wednesday, the 14th. I was SO excited. I wrote about it on my steemit blog:

On Thursday evening, I actually made it to the ‘end’ of the story at just short of my goal of 80k.


I was going to just leave it, but I couldn’t do it. My obsessive nature wasn’t going to let it go with only around 700 more words to go. I went back and started editing in some stuff that I knew needed to be added back at the beginning of the book and hit 80k just after midnight. I wrote 10,000 words on Thursday! Then I was so excited that I’d actually accomplished my goal (in TWO weeks instead of a month!) that I couldn’t sleep for hours. I’ve really jacked up my sleep schedule, but it was so SO worth it!

Now for the part I’ve been dreading a bit. I need to go back through and re-read, do at least some basic editing for loopholes and continuity and whatnot THEN I’ve promised my husband that he can read it. He so excited… that’s really sweet and a bit nerve wracking!


Once I have a little bit of a budget for marketing stuff, I will absolutely be publishing this. I’m really just amazed that I set out to do this and accomplished it AND I’m really happy with how the story turned out.