His Fate (Short Story)

They had been sitting at the bar for hours. He’d never intended to spend the night just sitting and talking, that’s not exactly why he went to the bar. I mean, yeah, he went to meet women, but not just to talk.

Still, this woman was intriguing beyond belief. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her face. She was stunning, the very picture of perfection. A face that he would have sworn he’d seen before… or rather a face that he’d been looking for, waiting to meet, longing for his entire life. As if right up until this moment, he’d been lost at sea, adrift in the ocean of people that he saw day in and day out on the streets and here she was. His meaning. At a bar. HIS freaking bar.

How lucky was that?

When she laughed, his spirit soared and he thought he would do anything to make her laugh again. Her stunning gold flecked eyes sparkled in the dim light, so much so that he would have sworn they almost glowed. He was awestruck by her and stunned when she invited him back to her place.

He’d been quite astounded at the glamour of her place, but of course she would have a stunning home to match herself.

She sat on the couch beside him and smiled, running her hand up his thigh. She crossed her legs and her short skirt rode up enough that he could almost see… her fingers lifted his chin to meet her eyes and she smiled a flirtatious smile full of promise.

He leaned in to kiss her and groaned as she opened her gorgeous, ruby red lips. Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips and he pictured that tongue on his… wait… her tongue kept reaching out. He leaned back just a bit, surely that wasn’t right?

He watched, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head as her tongue took on a life of its own, reaching and dividing, reaching with its tentacles, wrapping around his face and pulling him closer… ‘Oh, this was going to be quite a night,’ he smiled to himself. And gave himself up to his fate.

This is my 5 Minute Freewrite courtesy of @mariannewest on Steemit (Prompt: Tongue)

Photo Source Pixabay

NANOWRIMO UPDATE: I hit 60,247 words last night! That’s 3,802 words yesterday. I find it harder to write on the weekends because my daughter is home from school and we spend a lot of time together since she’s gone so much during the week with work and school. Today is ‘Grandma Day’ and I’ll have my two grandsons during the day, so I am not sure if I”ll get much of any writing done beyond this!

Anyway, I am feeling good about the “NaNo” story. I think it is coming together really well with a few new twists that even I wasn’t expecting! I think I’ll easily be bale to get in the last 20k words or so that I had hoped to get in this month. Wish me luck and thanks for reading!