Keeping Watch (Short Story)

It was just a tiny thing. A minuscule situation that shouldn’t have evoked any irritation at all, much less the raging inferno of fury that it did.
It just goes to show you that you can’t trust a man with a violent temper. No matter what he says, it’s not your fault that he lost control. It’s not your fault that you did something that made him angry in the first place. No adult person should get so angry about the towels being folded wrong that they throw a toddler-esque fit complete with throwing things, breaking things and screaming.

At least when a toddler throws a fit, you can send them to time out. When he raged, it was just ridiculous but absolutely, gut wrenchingly terrifying.

She knew that at any moment his rage could be pointed at her. That’s when he would grab her hair or slam her against the wall. When he’d slap her or chase her until she ran away, cowering in the corner of their bedroom.

Of course, he always apologized afterwards. He was so sorry, he didn’t mean it… it was work, it was the drink, it was… it didn’t really matter. She forgave him time and time again.

Until she didn’t anymore.

Not because he was no longer forgivable, but because it’s pretty hard to forgive someone when you’re dead.

She watched over him still, finally seeing from the other side that he was truly irredeemable. Unforgivable. Now all she could do was haunt him, but haunt him she would… for the rest of his days. She would make sure that he was truly and thoroughly haunted, terrified for every waking minute of his days. Most importantly, she would make sure that no other woman would ever stay with him again.

She smiled at her almost there reflection in the steamy bathroom mirror as she heard him in the shower. Time to get to work.

The End

This is my 5 minute freewrite thanks to @mariannewest at steemit. Today’s prompt was irritation.

My NaNoWriMo update: I hit 40,000 words today. The story is flowing well, there have been a few places that were tripping me up and I had to just move on. I’m trying to let the story come out as it wants to BUT still trying to stick to a loose plot-plan of sorts. It is so hard for me to write the middle part of the story. I know that’s where things are supposed to all come together, but I”m struggling with it a bit. I’m kind of leaving a space there and moving on, because I don’t want to get so bogged down with the “shoulds” that I stop writing.

This story is different in that I know where it is going (mostly) Or rather, I know how it ends. I know a lot of details about the end, but there is still a lot of words (and days) between now and then. Days both for me and for the character. A lot of things are going to happen between now and then. The biggest question for me right now is that I know how it ends, but I don’t quite know how the characters get to that point. That is what I’ll be seeing develop over the next weeks of writing this story. My goal is to get at least 80-90k words and have a full length story to work with. I’m doing great towards that goal right now, so I hope I can maintain as life happens, the holidays get closer, etc.

Anyway, that’s my NaNo update for today! I’m hoping to get another solid day of writing in tomorrow, because Friday is “Grandma Day” again and I probably won’t write anything at all!