Jacob: The Best Kind of Teacher


It was the year that they were in sixth grade that everything changed for Jacob. His teacher, Ms. McGill had an effect on him like no one had ever had before in his life, not even his beloved Grandpa.

Jacob flourished in her class and she loved seeing him come out of his shell. Miss McGill was one of those amazing teachers who truly cared about her students. She was perceptive enough, even on the very first day of school to see the kids who needed her help and the ones that needed to learn to be nice. She saw Jacob and her heart went out to him. She showed him all the love she had, and Jacob, well he soaked it up like a sponge.

He was sitting in the back row, his tattered, too short pants, his skinny frame slouched in the desk as he did everything he could to make himself invisible. She made it her mission to help him that year and she did absolutely everything in her power to change things for him.

She would never even know how much of a profound effect she would have on not only his life, but his brother’s life and the lives of some of her other students as well.

As it was, Jacob thrived under her attention. Soon he was making it a point to bathe every night. He combed his hair and took better care of his shabby clothes. He was being bullied less as Ms. McGill made it a point to walk part way with the children each night, giving the bullies just enough attention and encouragement that they wanted to make her happy as well. They weren’t exactly friends with Jacob and Samuel, but they left them alone.

When Ms Mcgill came to school with a big extra box of clothes that she’d “found” all of the kids found things that they liked, but Jacob was the one that went home with the bulk of the things. Jacob prized those clothes like they were gold. He wouldn’t even share with Samuel, not until his mom made him. Then he only gave Samuel the things he didn’t want anyway. He guarded his ‘new’ clothes with a possessiveness that Samuel had ever seen. Of course, they’d never really had anything ‘new’ or anything resembling a gift. Not since they were little. As it was, Samuel was fine with his own things. He was happy just to see that Jacob was getting better. Jacob was happier and he finally loved school. That was all a brother could ask for.

This is my freewrite thanks to @mariannewest on steemit. Today’s prompt was sponge.


My NaNoWriMo update: Saturday night I hit just over 17,000 words. I didn’t have quite as much time to write, but I still got some story out. I am struggling with writing a ‘long enough’ story. I guess I can’t imagine writing a 100k word novel when I have a hard enough time spreading a story out to even 30k words on a normal day. I’m really challenging myself to do it this time, though. The plotting charts I’ve made are definitely helping, but it’s still difficult! I don’t want to just add ‘filler’ that is unnecessary to the story, but I also don’t want to skip over things that would make it better, either.

I actually woke up early this morning and wrote a bit before I would even normally be up, so I’d say this is a pretty inspiring story thus far! I have some time again this evening to write. I will say it is scads easier to write this time around than it was back in 2007 when I still had five young kids at home!!! 🙂 I’m really enjoying the alone time to delve deeper into this heart wrenching story.