Samuel had been looking for his brother for a good half an hour. He loved his brother and was fiercely loyal to a fault, but he couldn’t understand why Jacob responded to everything so differently than he did. They’d met the bullies on the way home from school as usual. Jacob had tried to fight back at first, until it became too much and then he’d run for his life back towards home, leaving Samuel to deal with it himself.

Samuel met the bullies the same way Jacob did every day. He was just as much a target as Jacob, but he usually tried to talk them out of fighting. Jacob pretty much always made it worse at the start before running off. Then Samuel was left with several kids in even more of a rage and he had to fight back just to keep from being beaten half to death. He fought and scrapped with the best of them, although he rarely won. It was pretty hard to win when you were 10 years old, skinny as a twig and too poor to even eat enough food to have energy to think, much less to fight.

Still, Samuel wasn’t the type to give up, so he didn’t. He also faced his punishment head on. He’d get home, take his whoopin’ and get on with his chores. It wasn’t so bad if you just got it over with. That’s what he always tried to tell Jacob, but he wouldn’t listen.

Now here he was, looking for his brother, his mirror image. The two boys couldn’t possibly be more different, but they looked so much alike that they were asked to wear different colored armbands to tell them apart. Of course Jacob quite often begged Samuel to take his armband instead, usually when a punishment was imminent. Samuel didn’t mind. There was just something about Jacob that made him want to protect his little brother. Younger by only 2 minutes, but still, he was the older brother. It was his duty to protect his sibling.

He heard his father slam open the back screen door and scream out for Jacob. He knew he was running out of time to find him and help him out this time. He ran towards the shed, knowing that was one of Jacob’s favorite hiding spots. He worked his way around the rusty old farm equipment and came around the corner to see Jacob in the fading light. He was looking up at Samuel with a tear stained face, a torn shirt and such relief in his eyes. Samuel knew he’d be taking the punishment for both of them again. He removed his armband and started unbuttoning his clean shirt for the switch.

This is my daily freewrite thanks to @mariannewest on steemit. Today’s prompt was armband


I actually ended with just over 7,000 words last night. I’ve just sat down to write today, so I’m not sure where I’ll end up. I’ve got a couple of hours of time to myself tonight, because my husband is taking our youngest daughter out to see a movie, so I’m hoping to surpass 10,000 words or more by the time I go to bed.

The story that I’m writing for NaNoWriMo is definitely going to be emotionally taxing. It sticks with me long after I’ve shut the computer down and it’s hard to let it go even then. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take the entire month to write, because it is honestly a bit exhausting (plus, just like when I’m reading a story, I really want to know what happens next, so it’s really difficult to stop writing and shut my brain off!)

Anyway, here is my final progress update for yesterday: