“Jacob!” He heard his father’s voice, the frustration was palpable as he cowered in the corner by the woodshed. Curling into a tight ball, he tried his best to disappear. He knew he’d be in a world of trouble if his papa found him now.

He looked down at his ripped shirt, stained with blood from his own nose. Tears stung the back of his eyes and he swallowed the knot of fear in the back of his throat. He wrapped his skinny little arms around himself as tight as he could, pressing his skinny back against the corner where the shed met the fence.

He’s squeezed back through the broken plow and the rusty of pieces of equipment that had sat unattended out back ever since his grandpa died. Grandpa had been the only thing tying this family together. Ever since he’d been gone, nothing had been the same.

Jacob walked a mile to school every day now. Grandpa wasn’t here to drive him anymore. And grandpa wasn’t here to keep the bullies at bay, either. Jacob was the smallest kid in class and didn’t fit in with the town kids. They’d catch him on the way home from school or on the way there and steal his lunch box. He’d been tripped or pushed nearly every single day. They made fun of his old clothes that didn’t fit quite right. They’d steal his glasses and play keep away, making fun of him for being cross eyed and laugh, poking at him until he fell down or started crying.

Now here he was, hiding out back from his mama, knowing she was going to be right sore about him ruining his only good shirt. He didn’t know how to tell her it wasn’t his fault. Mama didn’t like excuses.

He heard his father’s voice once again, yelling his name, “Jacob! Get your scrawny ass in the house NOW! You’re making your mama cry!”

Jacob stood up, trying his best to hid the new tears in his shirt. He wiped his hand across his face, trying to clear away the dirt and the grime and the blood. His shoulders drooped as he headed for the old white farmhouse where his family would be waiting.

This is my Daily Freewrite Challenge thanks to @mariannewest on steemit.

Today’s NaNoWriMo check in: I added 2,434 words to my story today. It’s going to be a very intense month of writing for me. This story is so emotional, so intense and filled with difficult subject matter for me. It just seems to be a story that won’t get out of my head until I write it, so that’s what I’m going to do.