Choice Cuts (Short Story)

He licked his lips, the juice from the meat he was eating dribbling down his chin until it broke free and dropped onto the ever increasing stain on his old T-shirt. He smacked his lips, muttering “Yummy!” as his strong teeth tore into another hunk of the smoked meat. Smoking the meat was his favorite, but it took so damn long. Most of the time he just grilled it so he could eat sooner, but this time he’d actually planned ahead.

He’d started getting his meat in bulk now so that he could smoke some ahead while he was enjoying his much easier-but-not-as-delicious grilled meats.

The thigh meat was his favorite cut. It was always a little bit leaner than a rump or breast meat, but always had plenty of marbling to add to the juicy, tender flavors.

It was just in the last few months that he’d been able to truly grow into his appetite. He used to have to spread out his meat intake and supplement with root veggies and plants that didn’t upset his digestion. But now he’d found a way around it that didn’t invoke any guilt and didn’t take too much effort. Granted, hunting humans when you’re quite overweight yourself is hard, but at the same time, it’s really good exercise. The exercise plus the new lower carb diet was working wonders already.

Frank was getting in such good shape since he’d bought the tiny little island. It was easy enough to offer people a free tropical vacation online. He just made sure to always target those who didn’t need to be on this earth anymore. You know, the child abusers, serial killers, murderers… those types. Those types LOVED free vacations and Frank knew just how to find him.

He put down the human femur now that he’d chewed most of the meat from the bone and smacked his lips again. “Good stuff Joe, you really were the best of the bunch.” He reached for the forearm lying across the table. “Waste not, want not,” he always said. He sat back to enjoy the rest of his feast.

This is my 5 minute freewrite thanks to @mariannewest on steemit

Photo courtesy of Pixabay