The Stranger in the Mirror (Short Story)

Jennifer was screaming as loud as she could, but no one was listening. She had screamed until her own ears hurt from listening to it. She had cried and wailed at the unfairness of it all. This was followed by anger and then even more rage as time went on. No one was listening or they couldn’t even hear her in the first place. She wasn’t sure which it was. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore.

Jennifer was trapped. Stuck. She would never be free. She’d tried everything and nothing helped at all.

She’d woken up this way one morning six months ago and her life had never been the same. She’d tried to open her eyes and realized that she couldn’t. She had a slight moment of panic and then convinced herself that she was just overly tired, probably coming down with the flu or something.

It wasn’t until Jennifer tried moving her arm, thinking that she’d bring it up to rub her eyes and realized that she couldn’t move her arm either… that was when it started creeping in. The thought that something was terribly wrong.

It wasn’t just that she couldn’t move, because she could still think. “Maybe I’ve had a stroke in my sleep!” she thought, horrified at that idea.

Her horror was cut short and then amplified a hundred times over when her eyes suddenly opened even though she was no longer trying to open them. Then her body rolled over in the bed. She was so confused. “What is…” and she felt her body sit on the edge of the bed and stretch.

Her mind was a whirl with crazy chaotic thoughts. She mentally tried to lay back down, but instead her body stood and walked into the bathroom. She watched as her hand grabbed the toothbrush on the counter and reached for the toothpaste.

Jenn met her own eyes in the mirror and heard her own voice, heavy with unfamiliar sarcasm, “Oh, yeah. About that. I’m just going to be in charge of this whole body thing from now on. I’d get rid of you altogether, but then the body might die, too. So, I guess you just get to go along for the ride.” the sarcasm dropped from her voice and in a tone so evil that she felt it down to her soul, she added, “I don’t think you’re going to like the changes I have in mind…”

This is my 5 minute freewrite thanks to @mariannewest on steemit

Photo courtesy of Pixabay