Listen to the Children (Short Story)

Looking in the mirror, she squinted at her reflection.

Marianne only looked 25, but she felt like she was falling apart already. She made a face at her reflection and then wiggled her eyebrows. She picked up her foundation primer and started slathering it on her face. That was followed by foundation, powders, concealers, contouring, eye shadow, and so on.

“Why do I go through so much work every single day, just to look human? This is ridiculous!” she told her reflection as she put on the fake eyelashes.

She stepped back and took a good look. The makeup was flawless. Now for the hair. She sighed. “Being a woman is SO MUCH WORK!” She grunted and made some unintelligible sounds as she started tearing a brush through the long locks hanging from her head.

When that was done, she stepped back again, taking an overall look. “Okay, the head, the hair and the face thing is good enough for now.” She let her gaze fall down over her body, “Now, to cover up the body and assume my human form for the day.” She sighed a heavy sigh and started stuffing her tentacles into her human suit. Taking one last glance, she thought she looked pretty good. “Ooops,” she said, noting that her face mask was slightly off center. She adjusted it, careful not to mess up the makeup, until everything was aligned properly.

Once again, it was time to head out into the world and hope that no one looked past the disguise. Of course no one ever did. No one except the occasional child, that is. And nobody ever believes silly little human children, right? “Ahhh, if you only knew.” She grabbed her human purse and stepped out the front door.

This is my five minute freewrite thanks to @mariannewest on steemit!

*Sorry for using your name for this character, but that’s just the name that popped into my head… is there something you need to tell us, Marianne!? 🙂