Island Paradise? More Memories (Part 7)

A man and a woman wake up separately, seemingly alone on a deserted island with no memory of how they came to be there, no memory of their pasts, but drawn to each other… even though they can’t remember why. And things aren’t quite what they seem…

Part One: Him

Part Two: Her

Part Three: Remembering Rachel

Part Four: Remembering Charles

Part Five: Reunited

Part 6: Memories

The vision, her memories stopped. Her mind went blank. Rachel opened her eyes to find herself back on the island, Charles sitting across from her looking very concerned. “Are you okay? Did you remember something?”

Tears welled up in her eyes, “Yes. I did. It was so… much. WE…” she took his hands in hers, “WE were so much. We had this connection that I just… I don’t know how…” she stumbled over her words, not finding the right ones to describe what she was feeling.

“You mean like a connection that drew us together across an uninhabited island?” He smiled at her and she grinned right back at him.

“I guess you have a point.”

“What else did you remember?” He asked.

“We have a house.” Something didn’t feel right about that. “We HAD a house?” She frowned. “I don’t know, in my memories, we had a cute little house. We were married and madly in love.” She blushed, looking at the man across from her. He was so familiar, so right and yet still she hadn’t even remembered their relationship until just now. It felt odd. “Your mother was a bit of a pest, but I think we were happy.” She met his eyes again and was drawn in, “We were very happy. Very much in love. More than just… normal love. We were really really happy.”

He pulled her towards him and she leaned closer, planning to give him a quick kiss.

When their lips touched, it was like worlds opened up. Memories rushed back for both of them. Hot, sexy, ravishing kind of memories. Sweet, intimate, quiet kind of memories. Slow and sultry, hot, fast, hard. They ran the gamut and lit a fire. His hand came up and tangled in her hair as he dragged her onto his lap. Her arms went around his neck and the past and the future seemed to all meld into one as they rediscovered each other all over again.

The days seemed to run together for them. Breaking the seal on their memories led to both of them remembering more and more. The more they talked, the more they worked together to survive on this uninhabited place, the more they remembered of their lives. They had been truly happy together. Both of them had delved down and rediscovered memories all the way back to their childhoods. Their teen years of video games, movies and dates. Always searching for that elusive other half that they had finally found in each other. 

They eventually remembered meeting in college. He insisted it was love at first sight, she always said he was just a romantic and true love surely wasn’t possible. They were just perfect for each other, that was all. They remembered their wedding, their little home in the Midwest that they’d bought after they graduated college at the same time. They shared a nice car that was paid off, they had all of the modern technologies that most middle class people in the US seemed to have. They bemoaned the loss of electricity sometimes, and being able to order food when they were hungry, but somehow, it felt like everything was okay, even on this island… as long as they were together.

Neither of them had a clue how on earth they had come to be on the island, though. They were trying to survive as best they could. Living on coconuts, mangoes and trying to figure out how to fish without a fishing pole.

It had taken four days before they finally managed to light a fire with friction and dry leaves. Four days before Rachel managed to sharpen a stick and actually spear a fish in a shallow pool that developed when the tides went out.

They were eating their first hot meal since they’d awakened here and it felt like the ultimate decadence. Rachel was licking her fingers when she looked up to find Charles looking at her with naked desire in his eyes. She smiled and made a show of licking off her fingers without taking her eyes off of his.

She looked down for just a second and when she looked back up, his eyes were vague. He wasn’t seeing her anymore. He had gone completely still and she knew he was remembering. Something big. She couldn’t imagine what it would be. They’d already remembered their childhoods, their teen years, dating and video games. The fact that they’d always felt like something was missing until they’d finally met.

Rachel watched him, staying still as she could. She didn’t want to interrupt whatever was playing in his mind.

Charles was completely taken over by the memories. It was as if he was in a dream that he was living in right now, but he couldn’t control. It felt like he was an observer, but somehow also in the midst of it all. His head felt like it was swimming in a sea of confusion.

He looked around in a panic, not sure where he was. Everything seemed so different. His shirt was tight, the collar chafing his neck. He went to adjust it and realized that he was wearing a tie. “Since when do I wear a tie?” He said aloud.

“Oh, I don’t know, since every day?” He looked and saw Rachel beside him and breathed a deep sigh of relief. She was dressed up in some sort of costume, an old fashioned looking dress he definitely didn’t recognize and her hair was… odd. Still it was Rachel, and at least she was there, smiling at him in that way she did that made everything seem alright. Maybe he was remembering a costume party?

He grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Her expression changed then. He thought she looked almost sad, but the emotion flickered away as quickly as it had come. She put her smile back on and looked up at him, her hands coming up to adjust his tie just a little. “Where else would I be? Do you really think I’d let you leave without being here to see you off?” He saw tears well up in her eyes before she turned away.

Charles reached out and took her hands in his. He noticed that he was wearing a brown coat of some sort and it was most definitely not comfortable. He looked down and saw himself dressed in a military looking… costume? He opened his mouth to ask where they were going when it hit him. The memories, the reality. He looked around and finally noticed the mass of people around him. Men dressed in uniforms like his. Hugging and kissing women that were dressed much like Rachel. There was crying and whispered good-byes surrounding him on all sides. His heart dropped.

His thoughts swam through the murky memories, melded, morphed and he realized that it was his reality. He was saying good-bye to Rachel and he was going off to war. Something inside of him knew that he wasn’t coming back. Not in this lifetime. The feeling hit him like a ton of bricks and he reeled back with the force of it. He felt Rachel calling his name…

“Charles! Charles!” Rachel was shaking him. Something was wrong. He’d been so still and then suddenly his face turned white and he nearly fell over. She’d grabbed him and started shaking him.

She was so near and yet felt so far away. Charles reached out for her and suddenly found himself back in the present, Rachel holding him and looking horribly worried.

“What happened?” He asked, the memories already trying to sneak away from him. “Where?” He caughter Rachel in his arms and pulled her close. She came willingly, her arms tight around him. He could feel her body trembling from the stress of it all. He pulled back, “I think I had a dream. About us.”

“A dream?” She looked confused, maybe a little suspicious, “But you weren’t sleeping. Charles, you were in the middle of looking like you wanted to have ME for dessert and just suddenly you were out of it. Gone. You were somewhere else.”

“I was going off to war.”

“War? Like Desert Storm kind of war? I don’t remember that at all.” A frown creased her brow as she filed through the memories they’d been discussing for the past few days, “That… doesn’t fit. You weren’t even in the military.” She looked up and saw that he was looking very serious.

“Not a current war, Rachel. It was World War Two. I think.”

“World War Two? But we weren’t even born then?”

“I don’t know.” He shook his head, “Maybe I’ve just learned to sleep sitting up. Your cooking was so good that it sent me into instant dream state.” Charles realized that he was feeling quite ridiculous about the whole situation. “Let’s clean up so we don’t attract any unwanted critters and just… go for a swim. Or maybe tell each other ghost stories by the fire. Or maybe,” He wiggled his eyebrows at her, “Maybe we could find something else to pass the time?”

She laughed, “You’re acting strange. Fine. Let’s put out the fire and maybe go for a walk?”

He stood up to get things going. It was time that they moved on anyway. They’d been slowly making their way around the edges of the island, hoping to find another person or some sign of inhabitants that could help them. In the last few days since they’d really been paying attention, they’d finally noticed that no planes had flown overhead. They never saw ships passing, even in the distance. There was no sign that humanity even existed outside of the two of them on this little island.

Most of the time they were able to just ignore it and get on with the business of finding food to eat or water that they could drink. The forest provided enough shelter from the sun in the heat of the day and when it rained, but they knew that they needed to find some way to get off of this island and back to civilization. What if one of them got hurt? Or sick? They’d be trapped here with no help and no way to do anything. The thought was always there, in the back of their minds as they went about their days… even though, for the most part they just decided to treat it as a very exclusive vacation opportunity.

The weird memories? That was surely just another glitch in the matrix.

They spent the rest of the day swimming, walking and just enjoying each other. Neither of them brought up Charles’ odd dream again. They didn’t talk about it at all, but when they settled in for the night, it was on both of their minds.

The memories… they were coming again.

To Be Continued