Island Paradise? Part 3

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He woke to see the most gorgeous sunset he’d ever seen in his life. For a few moments, he just revelled in the sight, forgetting everything else. He watched the reflection of the sun as it painted the sea with vivid colors. The night was so calm, so still that the water was like a perfect mirror laid out just for him.

‘Rachel would love this view,’ he thought. The thought jolted him back to his present situation. ‘Oh my god, where is Rachel?’ He stood up, feeling a driving need to do… something. To find her, to be near her. He found himself swaying on his feet before he even realized what he was doing. The need to find Rachel was like nothing he had ever felt before.

Confusion settled over him like a heavy cloak as he stood there. His memories twisting and turning on themselves in a hazy kaleidoscope of color and chaos. He tried reaching for the name that had popped into his mind. He felt such a deep longing attached to the name on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t put a face to the name. He couldn’t remember anything about her at all. His mind was maddeningly going black again. He tried to grasp anything as the memories flitted and faded away.

He stood there, tears of frustration in his eyes, watching as the sun dipped lower. There was just a tiny sliver of light left and it hit him right then. It was going to be dark. He was alone with no source of light, no food, no water and a long night ahead. He turned and raced back to the mango tree. He could at least get some food before it got any darker.

He was sitting and eating, poking around in his mind, hoping to find a clue to why he was here. How he had gotten here, and now wondering who Rachel was. Was she supposed to be with him? Why couldn’t he remember anything? He cried out in the darkness, rage filling him as he searched his brain to no avail. It was like running in place. He was getting nowhere.

The fruit was still delicious, but it was making him sticky as hell. With the darkness came the awareness of the noises that surrounded him. He heard the sounds and calls between birds and insects that he couldn’t see. He felt a chill run down his spine as he realized that he was sitting there in the dark, covered in sweet sticky juice that would surely attract a million bug bites.

He stood up and walked towards the water. He’d have to wash this juice off of him or he’d be miserable by morning.

The moon and the stars were brighter than he’d ever seen them before. He dropped his jeans on the beach and tossed his shit on top of them. There would be no need for modesty when he was the only human around. If the critters in the trees didn’t like it, well, that was just too damn bad. The water was still so calm that it almost felt like stepping into a cool bath or swimming pool. He waded out and let his body float on the water, not paying attention to anything other than the soft feeling of the water on his skin. He looked up at the sky and wondered how many stars were in the sky. He was nearly dozing off when the vision hit. He saw her, clear as day, lying asleep under a tree, greenery surrounding her like she was in a nest of leaves. The vision was so real that he found himself reaching out to touch her, to wake her up, when it hit him like a bolt of lightning. He sat up from the shocking thoughts and promptly started to sink. Dog paddling for a bit, he looked around and realized that he’d floated quite a ways out. He felt an urgency to get back to shore that had nothing to do with where he was, but rather a driving urge to get where he needed to be. Rachel needed him. He needed her.

He was losing his mind. Surely he was going crazy. Why else would he be imagining this whole place? It had to be some sort of trippy dream or some unreal kind of mental break. He didn’t even know anyone named Rachel. Did he? He absolutely didn’t know her. Of course just that thought made him feel like he was horribly, horribly wrong and was immediately followed by the thought that he had to find her. She had to be here. He could FEEL it. It made no sense at all, but he knew deep down that she would have the answers. He headed towards shore, determined to find her. His mind honed in on that single task, his one purpose. He had to find Rachel.

(to be continued)


This is my freewrite for the prompt “running in place” thanks to @mariannewest on steemit