Island Paradise? (Part 2)

You can read Part One Here.

An insect was buzzing in her ear, relentlessly returning every time she swatted it away. Her head felt thick, aching with a pressure she didn’t quite recognize. She swatted at the annoying buzz once more before opening her eyes in a squint. She was in the shade of a tree, but the sun was still so bright. It slowly registered that she was looking up at palm leaves. At coconuts hanging from a tree. ‘What the?’ She came fully awake with a jolt of adrenaline. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She thought.

She swatted the insect away once again, yelling loudly, “What the hell?”

There was no response. She looked around to see a veritable forest of thick green foliage on one side, and a dream like vision of turquoise water and a white sandy beach on the other. The paradise like vision was shattered by a pile of trash that had been washed up on the shore. Mostly styrofoam and plastic trash from what she could see. Other than that seemingly random pile of trash, it seemed like the place where dreams were made. She sat, stunned, unable to put together a coherent through for quite some time.

Hunger and a driving need for water finally brought her to a full awareness. Something was very wrong, but she was too damn thirsty to worry about it right now. She needed water. She crawled to her knees and used the tree to help lift herself to her feet. Her body swayed, her stomach rebelling at the movement. She stood still, getting her bearings and letting her body adapt. Her eyes wandered over the greenery. Hopefully there was something other than coconuts nearby. She knew there was no way she’d have the strength or the energy to find something to crack open a coconut in her current state.

She looked down and saw her tattered clothes. Her favorite red dress was torn and somewhat faded from its usual brightness. One of her high black heels was missing, the other one nowhere to be seen. She reached for her purse automatically, knowing she wouldn’t find it. No phone. No money. No way to contact anyone. Panic welled up as she realized how very alone she was. She couldn’t remember getting here, or even why she would be somewhere tropical. Her memory felt hazy, slow to respond, like it was holding her secretes hostage and she didn’t know how to get them released. The thought flitted through her mind that she had been drugged. ‘But even then,’ she asked herself, ‘how did I end up here? Alone?’ She pried at her memories, finding only blankness. She didn’t remember anything.

She looked around, trying to figure out her next move. Thirst won out. She looked towards the pile of trash, wondering if there might be a useable cup in the midst of it that she could use to collect some drinking water. Since it was so close, she forced herself to go look, just in case.

There wasn’t much useful in the pile. She saw broken and cracked cheap Solo cups, straws, bags, trash that looked like it all came from parties. Big parties. A circle of black caught her eye and she pulled out an old vinyl record. It looked to be in nearly pristine condition. ‘How weird,’ she thought, turning it to read the label. It was even one of her favorite albums. One that reminded her of… something. Once again her memories faded away to nothing. She clutched at her aching head, realizing that she simply had to find some water. Now.

She turned her attention to the thick trees beside her and forced her legs to move. Pushing back the heavy leaves and branches, she walked over a thick carpet of dead leaves and pine needles of some sort. It seemed odd to see them on a tropical island, but that’s exactly what they looked like. If nothing else, she appreciated the fact that the ground was soft, since she was now without shoes.

She hadn’t gone far when she found a small pool of water. She was on her knees, splashing her face, gulping water from her hands before she thought to make sure the water was fresh and not seawater. She could feel it bubbling up from the ground and didn’t taste any saltiness, so she figured it was okay. Still, she slowed down and spent some time splashing water over her skin to cool down. The small little pool was probably big enough for her to actually get in and bathe, but she wasn’t sure she had the energy to pull herself back out of it at the moment.

She let her body slide to the ground beside the water and drifted off to sleep. She’d worry about where she was in just a minute. Her stomach rumbled with hunger pangs, but she shoved them aside. She was just so very tired. ‘I just need to rest my eyes. Just for a second…’

And she was fast asleep.

(to be continued)


This is my freewrite for the prompt Vinyl thanks to @mariannewest on steemit