Floating (Short Story)

There was a sour taste in my mouth, maybe even worse than that, it felt like I had forgotten how to breathe, how to swallow. I gagged and felt my body try to heave, but nothing happened.

I tried to move my head, but a stunning pain kept me still. I swallowed and tried to think past the foul taste in my mouth, the fact that my body seemed to have forgotten how to work at all.

I opened my eyes to total darkness. Not even the glow of my charging phone was visible.

“Great, the power must have went out,” I thought. My eyes scanned the room, my ears straining to hear any sound at all. There was nothing. No air moving over me, not even a hint of life anywhere nearby.

I suddenly felt myself floating. I wanted to reach out and hold myself steady, but my arms wouldn’t work. I felt like my hands should have touched something by now. My brain was trying to wrap itself around what was happening, but I had absolutely no frame of reference. I could tell that I was floating, upwards. Gently, softly, like bubbles from a bubble wand for children. It wasn’t frightening at all. That seemed curious in and of itself.

I stopped fighting it and felt a sort of warmth flowing through me as my body continued to float through the darkness.

Suddenly a blinding light hit me. I heard sounds, people. Talking, crying, wailing. I squinted against the brightness, realizing in that moment that I could feel air rushing around me, I could suddenly hear the leaves rustling in the trees. I looked down then and saw my parents. My dad was holding up my mom and she was wailing with an anguish that I felt despearate to fix.

I felt utterly helpless, still floating, reaching out for my mother, wanting to give her comfort. Everything in me started to fight, to struggle towards my mother. I felt my arms go around her, but she didn’t look at me. She calmed somewhat, tears coursing down her cheeks. I held her tighter and she gasped.“I feel her, John! I can feel her!” Her voice cracked with hope and broke my heart. I looked around and saw a huge pile of dirt. People dressed in black sobbing softly around the mound of dirt in the middle.

“She’s with us right now, love. We’ll always hold her in our hearts.” I saw my father wrap his arms around my mother and felt myself falling away, floating upwards once again, seeing the view of my own funeral from above.

This is my freewrite thanks to Marianne West @mariannewest on steemit. This prompt was Sour

Cover Photo from Pixabay