Adorable Kitten Video! The Tempest Papers: The Very Beginning!


*Tempest helped out with the freewrite today! I did go over the 5 minutes a bit… or rather Tempest did 😉 Besides, she types a little slower than I do!

If only I knew that would happen to me when I tried to escape from joining the military. I was just a baby, for heaven’s sake. Why would my parents try to sell me on joining the military?

Still, I have to wonder what would have happened if I had taken their advice instead of running away that night. That boy would have never found me in the parking lot.

Now don’t get me wrong. At first I was thrilled! I thought he was my salvation when he scooped me up just in time to avoid being hit by that asshole in the big black truck. When he wrapped me up in that soft sweatshirt and put me in his car, I could not have been more thankful. I curled up and fell asleep, I thought because I was finally safe, but in hindsight, perhaps it was only because I had been awake for two days.

When I woke up, I was in an entirely different place that was unrecognizable from my home behind the grocery store with my parents. No cardboard boxes in sight, no angry people screaming and yelling and throwing things at me. No angry predators trying to get at me and mostly, no cars driving around making loud sounds and trying to run me over. It was like Heaven.

At first.

Then the reality set in. First off, these people had these HUGE beasts living there. I came to learn that they were called ‘dogs’ and that they weren’t actually going to eat me, but I didn’t know that at first.

THEN the big change happened. First everyone was running around like mad people, throwing things in boxes and gathering up all their things into a big truck. I thought they had lost their minds, but then realized that they must be running away! Now this I understood. After all, wasn’t that exactly how I had come to be here in the first place? I had run away from my home and ended up here. Now they wanted to rip all of this away from me? No way.

I tried to tell them they were on the wrong path, that it was a huge HUGE mistake, but would they listen to me? Nope. They loaded me up with all of their other things, the dogs, extra humans and set off on a trip that would lead to a life I couldn’t have imagined…

And that is my freewrite for today! Thankfully Tempest was willing to help relive her beginning days for me, because I was not feeling inspired today. This, of course, is the story of how she came to be a part of our family. That “boy” who rescued her in the grocery store parking lot was Jazz, who came along with us on our boating adventure… bringing Tempest along for the journey.


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