The Washing

She pulled another off the stack of washcloths, watching the bubbles rise up in the sink as she pushed the towel down into the hot soapy water.

Rubbing yet another clean cloth over her shoe, her legs, until yet another cloth was far too dirty to get anymore grime off. She was expending every ounce of focus on her task, not paying attention to the emotions, the reasons or feelings. The only thing that mattered was getting this … filth… off of her. Off of her clothes, her skin. She shuddered from somewhere down deep inside, bile rose in her throat as she grabbed yet another clean towel. She couldn’t bring herself to rinse the dirty cloths in the soapy water. No, she couldn’t do that.

She watched at the clean soapy cloth pushed through the nearly slimey stuff coating her shoe. She’d gotten the right shoe nearly clean, but this one, this one wasn’t working quite as well.

She felt a tingle sprinkling down her forearm and looked down. The stuff had splattered on her skin, leaving speckles of… something. The skin underneath each drop was puffing up, turning red and starting to itch.

Grabbing a new rag, she scrubbed at the substance on her skin, tears finally bursting from her eyes. She felt more and more frantic, she must get it off. She couldn’t allow it to stay. Her heart was in her throat. She reached for another cloth and another. Finally dunking her entire arm in the hot soapy water.

A scream of agony tore through her and she ripped her hand back out of the water. The skin was visibly bubbling on her arm, like boils appearing before her eyes. She took a step back and then another, as if she could escape her own arm.

She never should have stabbed the creature. If only she’d have known what was going to happen. She watched in horror as the skin on her arm started to split, revealing a mass of gelatinous looking eggs underneath…

This is my 5 Minute Freewrite. Thanks to Marianne West for this prompt.

Photo Source Pixabay