To Escape Evil: Part Two

You can Read the Beginning of the story in Part One

I was having a nightmare just before I woke up laying in a pile of trash in some random alley.

In the dream I couldn’t see anything, but I felt like I was awake, fully aware. I felt someone or something reaching for me and a burst of hot, red heat burst through my chest. I screamed with the pain of it and felt the pain ease even as the heat seemed to get hotter. Redder. It was as if something had implanted a red glow deep inside of my chest and it was sending out waves of energy.

I awakened then, gasping for breath, reaching for my chest. My hands found the necklace that the psychic had given me and I recognized the pulsing as my fingers wrapped tightly around the small talisman on the string around my neck.

I felt Beast struggling to get up on my lap, so I helped him up as I tried to get a grasp on reality. I looked up to see that the sky was clear and the sun was shining. It had to be almost 8:00 in the morning. I wasn’t sure how long I’d slept, but it had been way too long. I felt the urge to get up, to move, to run… but the pulsing of the red stone calmed me somehow. It was almost as if it was telling me to stay put. Relax. Even Beast calmed once he was on my lap. We sat there, in the stillness. Waiting for I didn’t know what, but waiting nonetheless. I felt like I would surely know when it was time to go.

Was it the red stone? Was that the reason I felt suddenly sure for the first time in days?

My mind flashed back to the few days before. I had been a normal person, living an average life. I’d walked into the house where I lived with my mom like any other day.

I hadn’t suspected a thing. I was just excited to tell her how successful I’d been at my job. I’d gotten that stupid promotion that I thought was the epitome of success.

I opened the front door and was getting ready to shout out to my mom in her office when I heard a scream, suddenly cut short.

“Mom?” I’d called out. I thought maybe she had fallen or something.

“LEAVE!” She screamed out the word with a level of terror that I’d never heard from anyone in real life.

Time seemed to slow like thick syrup as I turned towards her office. I could feel my feet sinking into the carpet with every step, but it was like a nightmare where you can’t move at regular speed.

The urgency to get to her, to help her was driving my while something was holding me back. I was fighting through this mental fog, trying to force my feet to move, one foot in front of the other.

I heard glass breaking and what sounded like furniture breaking, crashing, sobbing. I pressed forward, slogging through the house as if I was walking through wet cement.

My mother was crying out for me to go away, to run, but there was nothing in me that could obey. I couldn’t leave her. I had to help. It wasn’t even a conscious choice, although it should have been, I suppose. At this point I reached out and touched the doorframe to her office. As soon as I touched the wood, time seemed to fly back into place. My body came hurtling around the corner and the sight before me was more devastating than I could have ever imagined.

The window was completely busted out. Whomever had been in the room was gone now. My first thought was to chase them, identify them, but then I saw my mom. She was on the floor half under her desk that had been tossed on it’s side. She was moaning in pain, barely recognizable. Her face was bruised and battered. There was blood everywhere.

My adrenaline raced as I ran and lifted the heavy desk, practically throwing it against the wall. I was on my knees beside my mom, not sure if I should try to lift her or help her in some way. Her hand clutched at my arm. “Don’t leave me.” Her voice was barely a whisper. I sat down, crossing my legs and pulling her to my lap as I pulled my phone from my pocket. I started to dial the emergency number, but her other hand came and clutched the phone. “No.” she said.

“Mom, you need help. You’re hurt.” Even I could hear the trembling in my voice. My mom was the only family I had. She was everything to me. I tried to dial the phone, the screen now smeared with blood.

“Listen, I can’t stay,” her voice cut through me like a knife. “I need you to be safe.”

“Mom, I’m fine, you need…” She placed her fingers over my mouth and I shut up. I think I knew right then that she wasn’t going to come out of this alive. I felt tears flowing down my face as I tried to think positive thoughts. Some part of me felt as if my love could keep her here. If I could make sure she was feeling the love that I had in my heart, in my mind for her, maybe she could hold on until I could find help.

She put her hand on my face, turning me to look in her eyes. “Listen. I need you to hear me. You aren’t safe. They will come for you next.” She suddenly flinched and I felt her body contract with the pain. I choked back a sob and tried not to move her or hurt her more. I was holding my breath, hoping for a miracle that I knew wasn’t coming. She took a shuddering breath and continued, “Go see my psychic. Get clarity.”

My mom knew I didn’t believe that crap. “Mom, I don’t think I can get any real infor-”

“PLEASE!” She gasped again and started coughing. I could feel her tense with every cough. When she finally spoke again, I could barely hear her. “Please. Ask. her for Clarity. And Protection.” She looked at me, her eyes pleading. “Okay? Do it? Tell me?”

I knew she wanted me to to repeat her instructions. She had always done that for as long as I could remember. I could never get away with saying that I hadn’t heard something, because she made me repeat it. “Okay, mom. I will. I will go ask your psychic for advice.”

“Clarity. And…” her voice fell off.

“Clarity! Mom!” I squeezed her hand. “Clarity and protection. I promise.”

She closed her eyes then. He hand fell from mine. I screamed, the sound echoing, pounding through my head. I don’t know how long I sat there. How long before I finally let her go.

(To Be Continued)

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