Her Eyes

Her glasses were crooked. Of course they were. The light metal frames were slightly bent, leaving them always looking just slightly askew. It lent her an air of… I don’t know, vulnerability. On someone else, it might be awkward or unattractive, but on her? It was adorable. She saw him looking at her and self consciously pushed her glasses back up on her nose with her index finger like she always did. She smiled shyly and looked back down at her plate.

It was always this way with her. It didn’t seem to matter how many dates they had been on, she always seemed like she was meeting him for the first time. The innocent excitement that flared in her eyes when she saw him. The tentative smile she gave him when he told her that she looked nice, or beautiful or lovely. It didn’t matter the words, a light flush of pink would creep up her cheeks as though she’d never heard a compliment like that before.

He loved that about her. Her transparency and just the way her heart shone through her eyes.

He was so nervous himself that he felt his heart beat faster as he watched her pick through her food, looking for the right combination of foods for her next bite. She was so deliberate about everything. Maybe deliberate wasn’t the right word… she was just so aware of everything. She seemed to take as much joy from a bite of food as she did with seeing a beautiful sunset or feeding the ducks at the park. Watching kids squeal and play at the playground brought an even greater level of joy to her face. He thought she would make a wonderful mother. He wanted to know that with her. He wanted to spend his life with her, seeing the world through her eyes.

It was time. He swallowed the nervous lump in his throat and took the ring box out of his jacket pocket. Scooting his chair back, he got down on one knee and held out his gift to her, the small diamond ring glinting in the soft light of their favorite restaurant.