Letter Seven: The Cat Father: Kicking A$$ & Taking Names, The TempestPapers

Another letter from Tempest to finish up our weekend “Cat”ch up 😉 Haha, see what I did there? I’m so punny.

Of course I am sick as a dog. Ugh, that wasn’t intended, but yeah, I’m going to blame it on the NyQuil!

Anyway, here is the rest of the weekend dose of The Tempest Papers:


Dear Paris,
That bitch Cinnamon and I made up (I’m just using the term in a technical, descriptive way this time.)
Yes, really. We’re the best of friends. This morning she attacked me out of nowhere and I kicked her ass like the ninja that I am. Now she cowers in my presence and that works much better for me. I might let her attack me every morning, just for a refresher course.
Look at that photo. She’s a mess. A MESS. Cowering in her little bed. Yeah, she knows who’s boss.


AND Look at this. Tiberius knows I’m boss, too. You
can see it on his pretty (but somewhat stupid) face!
I am the CAT FATHER!

Kicking ass & taking names,
Queen of the pets, Overlord of the floating castle,
Champion wrestler Extraordinaire

Background Paper Source (all other photos are mine)