A Dog’s Tale

Day 36: My human companion and myself have traveled for 36 days thus far on our journey to the Zordic Kingdom.

I’ve felt his lack of respect for my authority since day one, yet I’ve endeavored to be the bigger man and I haven’t responded in kind as of yet. Still, my patience grows thin and I am about to bite him if this continues. Why, just yesterday he actually picked up a stick and threw it down the path, saying, “Fetch!” like I am some sort of imbecile. I gave him my best withering stare and he finally gave up in defeat. I consider this a win.

Day 37: We are now deep in the forest. There is a chill in the air that I can not explain. My human companion is starting to act in an odd manner. He jumps at every little sound. It’s starting to affect my own professional demeanor. I do not know how to help him. Humans are such weak creatures. I will have to ask for a canine companion on my next journey. Hell, even a feline would surely be preferable to this human experience.

It has gotten so bad that the human pretends to comfort me for his own sanity. I must play along so as to make him feel better. This is the sacrifice I make as his companion.


Day 38: We came upon something odd during our walk today. A cabin, deep in the woods. The human tells me that these woods are known to be inhabited by Briggins, a mystical type bear. I responded with a growl, since everyone knows that mystical bears aren’t real. Still, we used caution and kept the cabin under surveillance for the evening. I wanted to approach and ask for shelter for the night. There were quite wonderful smells coming from the small abode, but the human was too afraid to approach. This coward will be the death of me. My stomach grumbled at me throughout the night. I was lucky to get any sleep at all.


Day 39: I’m tired of dealing with the human weakness. While he was still snoring loud enough to wake the dead and alert everyone in the surrounding areas of our presence, I did a stealth maneuver and scoped out the cabin. In spite of being weak from hunger, I did my duty.

Inside there was a human female. Her hair was the kind that humans seem to admire, long and gold in color. The kitchen was a mess, half eaten bowls of food sitting wasted on the table. Humans are so wasteful. I felt a deeply ingrained need to go clean up after her, making sure that food didn’t go to waste. That is just the kind of thing I do to make the world a better place.


Still, I tamped my natural tendencies down. Something was not right here. This was supposed to be a forest where no humans resided. I could smell that something wasn’t right.

She was standing over a pot of food that was surely magic as it had me drooling where I stood. I sniffed the air loud enough that I caught her attention, but managed to duck away just in time. It is obvious to me that this girl doesn’t belong here. She must be a witch, brewing a magical potion. She will try to bring me low, but I will not allow it. I am much too strong.

The human was still asleep in our camp. I went back to relay the news. I knew it was time to escape, to leave this to the King’s men. This was not a safe place for us to be.


Day 39: Now the human is involved. He won’t listen to my advice, as I’ve come to expect. He insists that we stake out the perimeter and gather more intel. I’m nothing if not loyal, so I agree to his plan, taking my time to search out more evidence.

In the first window past the kitchens, I see more evidence of the girls destruction. Not only has she left chaos in the eating area, she has also managed to wreak havoc in the living areas. There is a small chair that she has shattered into kindling. I can not imagine the kind of powers and rage it would take a small girl to cause this much wreckage in such a small abode. I will admit, I am starting to fear for our lives. I am sure that the human has no powers to fight this being and I’m not sure that I have the strength for the task alone.

The next thing I know, I’ve come full circle and I’m looking in the kitchen window again. The horrors I see in front of me are not for the faint of heart.


The girl with the golden locks has somehow bewitched my human partner! She has him coiled in her grasp and it looks as though she is taking the very air from his body. My impressive canine hearing can even hear him moaning, obviously in dire need of my help.

I hesitated but a moment, trying to determine if I should sacrifice myself and leave the Kingdom ignorant of the dangers in these woods or if I should save the human I had been entrusted with. My knightly honor overrode my own desires and I leapt through the window with a snarl.

Then it happened. I admit, my King, I was too close. I miscalculated. I was taken under her spell. Enchanted. She was coming right at me and I couldn’t even move away. Soon she had me in her grasp and I knew my death was near.


Please have it put in the records that I sacrificed myself for my Kingdom.

Your Faithful Servant,