Good Morning… (His & Hers Perspectives)



I’m feeling a tiny bit SPICY this afternoon You’ve been warned!

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My memories of the night before were a little hazy, I mean doing shots with my friends was fun and all, but maybe I’d done just a few too many.

I’ll never forget the moment I met her, though. Hot damn. She was gorgeous. Way out of my league, but she smiled at me and asked me to dance. Thank god for the tequila making me think I could dance, because she would have walked away, I’m sure of it. Instead we danced and drank together until the bar closed.

I probably looked like a moron, but I’m pretty sure no one noticed me next to her anyway. She was stunning, sex on a stick, hot, moves like nothing I’ve ever seen. I wanted her naked in my bed… and once the bar closed, I got my wish.

I was a bit panicked that I’d had way too much to drink, but Mr. Happy was right there with me the whole night. Apparently

 he thought she was hot as hell, too. Enough to ignore the booze and help me out. It was the best sex of my life.

My fingers still remembered the silk of her skin, the softness of her body that fit together so perfectly with mine, the feel of her hips under my hands, her long gloriously perfect legs wrapping around me as I slid inside of her. Holy hell, she was hot, wet and felt like coming home. I’m not kidding. I know it sounds cheesy as fuck, but dear god, she felt like Heaven.

I still remember her crying out, the sound made me feel like I had won the biggest game of my life. Feeling her body squeezing me as I was deep inside of her. It felt like some sort of souls meeting kind of shit. I swear, I’ve never felt anything like it before.

The sun was blinding me the next morning and I rolled over to find her watching me. She smiled and it was like everything was perfect in the world. I opened my mouth to speak and realized I didn’t remember her name. My mind went completely blank. FUCK!

“Good morning, Sunshine,” were the words that came out of my mouth and I hoped to hell she didn’t notice I hadn’t used her name.

“Good morning… gorgeous.” she said.

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I was being a bit of a basket case that week, my friends started treating me like I was a delicate flower and it was driving me to pick my ass. I suppose that’s why I agreed to go to the club. That’s normally not my thing, but it turns out it was exactly what I needed.

I saw him almost immediately. He was one of those guys that I would never ever have the nerve to approach, but those 3 shots that I’d had were the liquid courage I needed. That, and a bunch of drunk girls convincing me I could do it.

I was definitely in over my head, but I just plowed ahead. He was cute and the worst he could do was say ‘no’ right? I walked up to the group and his eyes met mine. He caught me grinning like a complete idiot, but I think he felt sorry for me, because he agreed to dance. I’m not even sure I got the words right when I asked him, but he said yes!

I was so surprised, I mean he was HOT and definitely way out of my league, but he followed me to the dance floor. My legs were shaking so bad, I thought I’d pass out. I grabbed another shot from a waitress walking by and managed to not make a complete fool out of myself.

He was so damn funny, he started acting like he couldn’t dance. He was obviously trying to help me relax and it was THE perfect thing to do. I finally started to feel a bit confident and he made me laugh.

His eyes never left me, never strayed to the other girls on the dance floor. That was quite possibly the hottest thing ever. It was like he thought I was the sexiest girl in the club and it made me feel like I was queen of the world. Then he kissed me during a slow song and I thought I would melt into a puddle right there. The feeling of his arms around me, the way his lips felt on mine was incredible. I was feeling a bit out of my element, because from that moment on, all I wanted was to go home with him.

I got my wish. When the bar closed he took me to his place. It was amazingly clean for a bachelor pad. I was so turned on after all the dancing, the looks and feeling his arms around me. I was raring to go and I was hoping that he wasn’t too drunk to get things done.

I needn’t have worried. The guy was a fucking rock star in bed. His hands caressed my body like he was playing a finely tuned instrument. It felt like I was being worshiped, it was so seriously amazing. I was flying high from just being there with him. He felt like Heaven to me, not like the fumbling, groping, get laid kind of things that guys usually try (especially after a night of drinking.) It was quite possibly the best sex I’d ever had.

We were so in sync, I loved the feel of him as I wrapped my legs around his body, pulling him closer. He actually even waited for me to have an orgasm first and that blew my mind. I mean, the orgasm was fucking phenomenal, but the fact that he waited for me was even better. Guys tend to forget that part, especially when the liquor is helping out.

We crashed afterwards and he wrapped himself around me. I slept like a rock until the sun started peeking through the windows. I got up and found the bathroom and then quietly sneaked back into bed. I was just lying there, looking over his perfectly gorgeous face, the hint of morning stubble was the sexiest damn thing ever, his hair sticking every which way because I’d spent a good long while raking my hands through it.

He rolled to his side and caught me staring. I had butterflies. It was ridiculous, but there was something about this guy that just sent my heart spinning. I swallowed hard, hoping he was at least a little happy to find me in his bed this morning. I smiled as he stared at me a little sleepily and when he smiled back, I thought I could die of happiness right there. It was like coming home.

He said, “Good morning sunshine.” His voice was so sexy, I felt a bit turned on at just those few words.

I started to reply with my own, Good morning just as I realized I didn’t know his name. I was mortified, but tried a quick save and just blurted, “Good morning… Gorgeous.” 


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