Coming Soon: To Serve Dragons

A new series is in the works! I’m veering well away from the psychological thriller genre and jumping straight into fantasy.

A world where Dragons rule over their kingdoms full of elves, centaurs, goblins, kobolds and fight against evil.

I will have a prequel novella up for FREE before Halloween!!!

To Serve Dragons

Elering has just given birth to twins. When the Seer comes to give them her blessing for their future luck, she foretells a great prophecy in which both twins together have a hand in saving the future of their world.

With the imperative that they keep their children safe until adulthood, Elering and Athir are thrown into a world they never expected.

They barely escape when the first of the hobgoblin’s foot soldiers are sent to kill the bairns. Neither Elering or Athir truly understands what is at stake, just that they have to flee for their lives and save their little family.

It will be a fight to the death, a battle to save the future they may never live to see…

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